The story of KMB masks

When COVID-19 began spreading in February 2020, there was a lack of high-quality face masks in Hong Kong. The city’s bus company, KMB, wanted to protect its 10,000 employees as well as its passengers and so decided to start making its own masks.

A KMB bus on the streets of Hong Kong

Masks to protect staff and passengers

A KMB worker shows off a mask

KMB set up a cleanroom (a dust-free and germ-free factory) within its bus terminal in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong and began mass producing surgical-style face masks. The company now runs five machines that produce 100,000 high quality masks per day in three sizes.

In Hong Kong you can buy KMB masks through vending machines, customer service centres and its online shop.

Now, through this website, you can buy them in the UK!

KMB stands for Kowloon Motor Bus, one of the world’s biggest public transport companies and the largest in Hong Kong. It was established in 1933 and now carries 2.7 million passengers every day using more than 3,900 buses.

Who is Ying Goi Dim?

Ying Goi Dim was created and registered in the UK in mid 2020. The name means ‘What To Do’ in Cantonese. It began as a website to help Hong Kongers start a new life in the UK and the community has grown steadily since. Ying Goi Dim is always looking out for services that will help Hong Kongers build happy lives in the UK and was impressed by KMB’s dedication in creating its own masks. In partnership with KMB, Ying Goi Dim is proud to make this excellent product available to everyone in the UK at a reasonable price.